3 comments on “A Very Rusty Bass, part 3: Finishing Touches.

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  2. Hey what did you use to oil that fretboard? What kind of products? It looks amazing. I want to do that to one of my guitars too, an Ibanez that came with a way too dry fretboard from the factory. Thanks in advance

    • Hehe, it’s so simple you wouldn’t believe: TEAK OIL!

      Teak oil is not always recommended because it adds oil to an already oily wood, but it was required in this instrument since it was so dried up it was prone to crack.

      I applied once and let it alone for a few days to avoid adding too much, which can be harmful as well. In this bass I had to do it three times over eight days, but usually it just needs one coat.

      I used a clear teak oil variety, but if your fretboard is dull you could try the dark teak oil option, usually employed for ebony.

      One question, how did you reach my blog? Most of my readers are from Latin America since my main one is in spanish. Maybe I should write a little bit more in english!

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